Aggressive & Perceptive Driving Program (APDP)


Program Overview:


The Aggressive and Perceptive Driving Program (APDP) is an instructional and rehabilitative course designed to foster safe driving behaviors and save the lives of innocent people. The goal of the program is to provide an educational intervention for persons aged sixteen and older who have been cited for point-laden motor vehicle violations. The Aggressive and Perceptive Driving Program can be offered as an alternative program which, if deemed appropriate by law enforcement officers and Magisterial District Judges, enhances penalties for offenders through additional fines and may provide for the reduction of points on the driver’s license or a reduction/dismissal of charges.

The Aggressive and Perceptive Driving Program provides participants with strategies to change their emotional reactions to other drivers, enhance their perceptive driving skills, and enables them to become better defensive drivers. The curriculum includes instruction on driving behaviors that are considered aggressive and unlawful, and provides participants with the opportunity to better understand why and how they behave behind the wheel. In conjunction with this self-assessment, participants are offered strategies to more effectively manage their emotions while operating a motor vehicle. The instructor actively works with class participants on the development of an individualized plan to appropriately confront negative situations that they may encounter behind the wheel. Participants learn statistical data about the number, types, and causes of vehicular accidents in Pennsylvania and develop an understanding of defensive driving strategies. An emphasis on self-assessment challenges participants of the Aggressive and Perceptive Driving Program to eliminate at least one aggressive driving habit. The program utilizes a variety of teaching methods, including the analysis of slides/videos of driving conditions, circumstances, and accidents.

Program Registration:


Referrals to the APDP Program may be made by contacting Susan Cooper, Program Coordinator, at 484-713-1102 or

Referrals to the program may be made by a Magisterial District Judge, Common Pleas Judge, Police Officer, Juvenile Probation Officer, or Attorney. Referrals are also accepted from concerned parents and/or family members.

Program Schedule:


Each cycle of the Aggressive and Perceptive Driving Program consists of six (6) instructional hours delivered in two three (3) hour classes, as follows:

Weekday Classes – 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Schedule may vary each month.

Program Fees:


The cost of the Aggressive and Perceptive Driving Program is $100.00

There is a rescheduling fee of $25.00

All fees must be remitted to COAD ten (10) days prior to the first day of class.

Checks and/or Money Orders may be sent to:

The COAD Group

ATTN: APDP Program/Susan Cooper

467 Creamery Way

Exton, PA 19341


Program Contact Information:


For more information about the Aggressive and Perceptive Driving Program or to register for the program,

Please contact Susan Cooper, Program Coordinator, by phone at 484-713-1102 or by e-mail at